By EW Staff
Updated May 28, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Singer-songwriter Anna Padgett calls herself THE NAYSAYER, but her quietly intense ”On Fire” (look for it on June 15’s ”Kitten Time”) is so good, we can’t help but say, Yes! REDPANDARECORDS.COM

What do you get when you pair BRANDY with rapper-producer Kanye West? The sweeping R&B of ”Talk About Our Love,” which suggests the best is yet to come from the former teen diva. FOREVERBRANDY.COM

THE CORRS are releasing a new album of clean-scrubbed, plucky pop next month, but feel free to bask in their sparkling ”Summer Sunshine” right now. THECORRSWEBSITE.COM/INDEX2.HTM

The Bay Area’s CALL AND RESPONSE are like a softer, sweeter Stereolab, and their ”Trapped Under Ice” (from the upcoming ”Winds Take No Shape”) has got languid charm aplenty. CALLANDRESPONSEMUSIC.COM