''Queer Eye'' guys land acting roles. It's a Hilary Duff movie for Carson and back to Broadway's ''Rent'' for Jai


Those ”Queer Eye” guys are finding new forums for their fabulousness. Two of the Fab Five, Carson Kressley and Jai Rodriguez, have just landed acting roles. Kressley will make his studio feature debut in Universal’s ”The Perfect Man,” Variety reports. This time, the fashion maven will stretch by dispensing advice to a straight girl. That would be Hilary Duff, who stars as a teen trying to end her single mom’s (Heather Locklear) streak of dating losers by fixing her up with someone ideal. And who better to dispense romantic advice and find a perfect man than kindly uncle Carson? Shooting begins this month in Toronto, with Kressley’s scenes scheduled around his ”Queer Eye” production duties in New York.

As for culture guy Rodriguez, USA Today reports that he’s headed back to the Broadway production of ”Rent” to play Angel, a role he last played in Feb. 2003, before ”Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” made the Fab Five famous. He’ll play the character from July 5 through 17, during a run that will see him sharing the stage with another reality TV vet, ”American Idol”’s Frenchie Davis, as well as Melanie Brown, the Artist Formerly Known as Scary Spice. Call it ”Queer Eye for the Spice Girl.”

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