Oy vey, Jewish babies are the new trendsetters! Bibs and onesies emblazoned with Jewish phrases are flying off the shelves in Hollywood

By Robin Tolkan
Updated May 21, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Jewish tots (or at least those copping their style) are the latest Hollywood trendsetters: Laura Dern bought a ”Shmutz” (”a little mess”) bib for Courteney Cox Arquette’s bubeleh-to-be from L.A. designers Rabbi’s Daughters, while Jewcy.com will be rolling out onesies emblazoned with Jewish phrases next month (fans of the NYC-based line include Leah Remini and Madonna). Lest we forget the boychicks, L.A.’s Mookie & Scrunch have designed a Bris Kit, packed with big-day essentials like Neosporin. (Debra Messing’s baby, Roman, was an early recipient.) ”The original prototype [included] a cloth diaper embroidered with a Hebrew blessing,” says creator Tristen Sullivan. ”[But] the Orthodox community didn’t want the word God anywhere near the butt.”