Could ''The O.C.'''s Seth survive the Pacific? EW questions if the brooding TV character would actually be able to make it through his 42-day boat trip to Tahiti

By Jennifer Armstrong
May 21, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Could ”The O.C.”’s Seth survive the Pacific?

We love Seth Cohen, so we’re hoping that duffel bag he packed for his 42-day sail to Tahiti has 42 gallons of fresh water in it — and a few snacks, too. The O.C.’s tearjerker season finale ended with Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie) heading back to Chino and an angry Seth (Adam Brody) splitting from Newport Beach in his catamaran, bound for the South Pacific island. Seth’s vessel, the Summer Breeze, could withstand the 4,093-mile journey, says Peter Bretschger of Newport’s Balboa Yacht Club. But Seth himself would need a gallon of water a day, plenty of sunscreen, and some food or a grill to cook fish (if he can catch ’em). Without that, ”he’d probably last a week.”

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