''Martha Stewart Living'' suspends production. But the embattled homemaker vows to return once her ''personal legal situation is resolved''

Except for on CourtTV, Martha Stewart won’t be appearing before TV cameras anytime soon. In an announcement that will surprise no one, Stewart’s company announced that it is suspending production of ”Martha Stewart Living,” her signature syndicated daytime show. After all, the homemaking mogul, who was recently convicted of lying to federal investigators about a controversial stock sale, is due for sentencing on June 17, and she reportedly faces 10 to 16 months behind bars. ”I am deeply sorry that it has become necessary for the show to go on hiatus until my personal legal situation is resolved,” Stewart said in a statement. ”I hope to resume our close collaboration just as soon as I am able to do so.”

Stewart made it sound as if the hiatus were temporary, though stations in major markets began pulling the show from their schedules as soon as Stewart was convicted in March. Of course, viewers and advertisers may not support the convicted felon after her release. Still, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia won’t be entirely absent from TV. Heidi Diamond, president of the company’s TV division, said in a statement that MSLO will continue production of ”Petkeeping With Marc Morrone” and will develop a new show called ”Everyday Food.” ”Despite the current challenges, we are fully focused on developing for our loyal audiences new and special programming that is consistent with our unique ‘how-to’ style and high quality of television,” Diamond said.

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