P. Diddy breaks up Da Band on ''Making the Band'' finale. The impresario says he can't deal with the group's squabbling

Not only was Da Band ”Too Hot for TV” (as its 800,000-selling debut CD was titled), but the group was also too hot for P. Diddy. The hip-hop impresario, who created the group on MTV’s reality series ”Making the Band,” dissolved it during Thursday’s season finale. Despite the potential for a lucrative follow-up to ”Too Hot,” the Bad Boy label chief said he could no longer deal with what he considered the sextet’s fractiousness, laziness, arguments, legal hassles, unreliability, and bad attitude.

”Initially my goal with Da Band was to make sure the world saw realistically how serious hip-hop was,” Sean Combs told the Associated Press on Thursday. ”So at times it was kind of embarrassing to me the way they were portraying themselves, not taking it as serious as most artists take this art form. The venture with Da Band was successful because it had the TV backing. But at the end of the day, it’s not worth me getting money for something I think misrepresents what Bad Boy and hip-hop is about.” He said that Ness and Babs were the only members of Da Band who remained signed to Bad Boy, and that they would release solo albums. He did not say whether there would be a ”Making the Band 3,” presumably with an all-new group.

Band outcast Dylan, who was booted from the ”Making the Band” mansion during the finale, disputed Combs’ version of events and insisted to MTV News that he was still signed to the label. He’s releasing his own mixtape this week called ”Life After Diddy,” in which he’ll tell his side of the story. He also said that the ”hazing” the sextet endured during the show was a bonding experience that would keep the sextet together somehow. ”No matter what any label or CEO wants to say,” Dylan told MTV News, ”Da Band are family. We came in it together; we’re always gonna be working together in the future.”

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