The rapper lists his top videogame characters, vendettas, and special combos

By Neil Drumming
Updated May 14, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Method Man should be smiling from ear to ear these days. After all, the Wu-Tang Clan standout is about to drop his long-anticipated third album, Tical 0: The Prequel, featuring guest appearances by Missy Elliott, Snoop Dogg, and Ludacris. The budding actor’s also got a sitcom in the works with longtime compatriot Redman. And oh, yeah, you can also see him in the thug-busting videogame Def Jam Fight for NY (see box below), the sequel to Electronic Arts’ wildly successful fighting game Def Jam Vendetta. But even with all this jumpin’ off, it seems the multimedia Meth still has axes to grind. L2T caught up with him to talk about videogames and — more important — ”what’s beef?”

Top 9 Favorite Videogame Characters

9 ”Mario and Luigi.”

8 ”StarFox, the old s — -. The Super Nintendo one.”

7 ”What’s his name from Dragonslayer? Dirk the Daring?”

6 ”Splinter Cell…I forgot his name [Ed.: Sam Fisher]. I just finished that.”

5 ”Heihachi Mishima [from] Tekken.”

4 ”Jester from SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs.”

3 ”Max Payne.”

2 ”That guy Tommy, from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — the star of that.”

1 ”Has to be Snoop Dogg, True Crimes: Streets of LA.”


7 ”Get the money Street[life] owes me back. He owes me, like, 20 dollars.”

6 ”All those drive-through-window cashiers that don’t put the right amount of s — – in your bag. [At] Wendy’s, they never put ketchup in the bag — like you got to ask for that s — -.”

5 ”Flight attendants. They always act like it’s their job to be rude to passengers who look like myself, even in first class. I think that sucks.”

4 ”That paperboy that be throwin’ them f — -in’ Penny Savers in front of my house. He’s just adding on to my garbage detail that I gotta take care of.”

3 ”Magazine editors and writers and critics. Magazines in general. Always trying to knock [me].”

2 ”I don’t know their names, but these kids who stole my bike when I was, like, 9 years old. Beat me up for my bike. Yeah, boy, if I ever run into ’em…you hear me? Every last one of y’all girls, I’m gonna get y’all back.”

1 ”My No. 1 vendetta is against my oldest sister because I never got to whup her ass. She used to beat me up all the time. She’s still around, but we’re too old for that s — – now.”

THE NEW ‘FIGHT’ CLUB With more than 40 hip-hop stars and personalities, plus a killer soundtrack, Def Jam Fight for NY also features:

— WEAPONS Dozens of ’em. ”Let me introduce my bottle to your face…”

— INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENTS When the brawling leaves the ring, the destruction does too. And look out for those unruly spectators who want to join in!

— ONLINE PLAY One way to prove whose crew is toughest…

Top 5 Special Combos

5 ”DMX’s finishing move from Vendetta. It’s brutal.”