EW's movie critic on Quentin Tarantino. Lisa Schwarzbaum tells whether acting is really a young man's game

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
May 14, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

EW’s movie critic on Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino said that directing is a young man’s game. Do you agree? — Turner

Well, can we compromise and say that directing Quentin Tarantino movies is a young man’s game? I mean, which of his elders has the metabolism for QT’s cinematic sprees? But of course, there are plenty of mature directors who are doing burnished work — directors, indeed, whose output has become more profound with age, as art ideally does. Portuguese master Manoel de Oliveira (”I’m Going Home”) is probably the record holder, still shooting at the age of 95; French new-wave eminence Eric Rohmer (born 1920) releases his latest, ”Triple Agent,” this year, and his colleagues Jacques Rivette (1928) and Jean-Luc Godard (1930) are still in play. If anything can throw a wonder boy’s game, I’d say it’s prosperous middle age, exemplified by Joel and Ethan Coen: Their piquant pastiches have gained in budget and celebrity quotient since ”The Big Lebowski,” but I’d trade three ”Ladykillers” for one ”Blood Simple.”

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