Courtney Love rants at courthouse. After pleading not guilty in the microphone-assault case, she defaces her picture, then dishes to reporters in the women's bathroom

By Gary Susman
Updated May 14, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Courtney Love: Richard Drew/AP

Another day, another not-guilty plea for Courtney Love. This time, it was the New York case in which she’s been charged with assault for tossing a microphone stand into the audience during a March performance, conking a clubgoer on the head. Still, Love made the most of the opportunity to turn the court date into a theatrical event. According to the New York dailies and wire service reports, Love showed up at the arraignment nearly two hours late. After it was over, she found the courtroom sketch artist’s rendering of her (”Come on, I’m much prettier than that,” she complained to the artist, who asked her to autograph the sketch) and defaced it with a mustache. She also drew some female reporters into the ladies’ room for an impromptu hour-long press conference, during which she ranted about her ex-boyfriend, Russell Crowe, and her history of drug and legal travails.

Explaining her current plight, Love’s ladies’ room rant included several possible theories. ”The police just have a conspiracy against rocker chicks,” was one. Another was: ”I think God f—ed me for committing too many adulteries.” That was a reference to ex-boyfriend and ex-manager Jim Barber, whose Los Angeles house she’s accused of breaking into last fall in another pending case against her. ”This is God saying you do not sleep with married men,” she said. (In 2000, Love filed a harassment suit against Barber’s then-wife Lesley, which the rocker ultimately settled out of court.)

Despite her alleged overdose last fall on prescription drugs (source of another pending case against her), she insisted that she was no longer using drugs and worried that the case would affect her ongoing custody battle for daughter Frances Bean Cobain. Of the man who was struck in the nightclub incident, Love said: ”I don’t think I hurt anybody. If I did, I’m sorry.” She did issue an unlikely apology to Russell Crowe, ”for you leaving me all those messages for the Golden Globes. I never got them, dude. It would have been a fun date.” Of her image, the defiant rocker said, ”I’m exactly the same as I’ve always been. I’m not a demure housewife. Why should I start now?”