The actress-model-videogame vixen loves albums by AC/DC, Massive Attack, Hole, and more

By EW Staff
Updated May 14, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Carmen Electra

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1 AC/DC Back in Black 1980 (Atlantic) ”I used to have roller-skating parties in my basement. When I was 7, during one of these parties, I had my first kiss in the laundry room while Back in Black was playing.”

2 RUN-DMC Raising Hell 1986 (Profile) ”I loved ‘My Adidas.’ I bought Adidas shoes and sweat suits. This record is responsible for my love of hip-hop.”

3 BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB 1997 (World Circuit/Nonesuch) ”It reminds me of a Cuban family I once lived with for a few years.”

4 PRINCE & THE NEW POWER GENERATION The Love Symbol Album 1992 (Paisley Park/Warner Bros.) ”This was the only Prince record that I worked on. We did a duet on a song called ‘The Continental.’ I learned a lot from him. He is very professional, a very hard worker, and very to the point.”

5 MASSIVE ATTACK Mezzanine 1998 (Virgin) ”Dave [Navarro] and I kept playing their music during the time we fell in love. It’s very sexy.”

6 DAVE NAVARRO Trust No One 2001 (Capitol) ”After this was released, Dave told me that it was our relationship that was the motivation for the album. He told me I inspired him to move forward with it, and I thought that was really touching.”

7 JANET JACKSON Control 1986 (A&M) ”I wanted to be like Janet. I wanted to dance like her. I saw the video for ‘Nasty’ and I was blown away. There were no other girls like her.”

8 GREASE Soundtrack 1978 (Polygram) ”My very first record! It inspired me to become an entertainer.”

9 THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. Ready to Die 1994 (Bad Boy/Arista) ”My all-time fave hip-hop CD.”

10 HOLE Live Through This 1994 (Geffen) ”I love this album because it’s honest — a brilliant collection of songs that women can relate to. It’s strong and hard, and it’s by a woman.”

11 JAY-Z The Black Album 2003 (Roc-A-Fella) ”I’ve always loved his music.”

12 SADE Lovers Rock 2000 (Epic) ”At our wedding, ‘By Your Side’ was the first song Dave and I danced to.”

Carmen Electra can be seen this fall in Electronic Arts’ Def Jam Fight for NY.

Carmen Electra

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