''Passion'' DVD sets Aug. 31 release date. Expect few, if any extras

By Gary Susman
May 11, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
The Passion: Phillipe Antonello

Many viewers found it hard to watch Jim Caviezel’s Jesus endure torture and crucifixion in ”The Passion of the Christ,” but many may also want to watch the spectacle over and over again. Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment announced Monday that the blockbuster epic will be released on home video on Aug. 31. Except for a choice of Spanish or English subtitles for the film’s Aramaic and Latin dialogue, there was no indication that the DVD would contain any extras, such as the making-of documentary that aired on Pax at the time of the movie’s release in February. But Icon and Fox did say that they’d be preparing special bulk-sales packages for church groups. ”Passion” has earned $375 million in North American theaters (making it one of the top 10-grossing films of all time in the U.S.), and Variety reports that Icon and Fox expect to net a similar amount through home video sales. With the release of the long-awaited DVD set of the original ”Star Wars” trilogy three weeks later, Fox will likely have the two biggest home video releases of the year.