Ten years of fashionable ''Friends'' - An look at all the mane missteps and fashion foibles over the past 10 years

By Sumeet Bal and Clarissa Cruz
Updated May 07, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Ten years of fashionable ”Friends”

With TV’s trendiest twentysomethings (okay, now thirtysomethings) saying goodbye on May 6, what better way to cope with our sadness than to celebrate the best and worst style choices of our beloved Friends? We scanned all 10 seasons and uncovered everything from Chandler’s sweater vests to Rachel’s commando frock to Ross’ stubborn leather pants. Of course, our look at Friends style also includes hairdos — most notably the Rachel, the still-copied coif that launched a million scissors — and we give shout-outs to the best babes and hunks (hey, Tag…how you doin’?). Finally, we’re not just limiting the list to people: On Friends the best real-life product placements were often the throwaway ones (yes, we hated the Diet Coke campaign as much as you did) — so, Toblerone and Bijan for Men, we salute you. Ah, if only Mockolate were an actual brand. But then again, that’s probably for the best. — Clarissa Cruz and Sumeet Bal


1 POTTERY BARN APOTHECARY TABLE SEASON 6, The One With the Apothecary Table It may have been mass-produced (to Phoebe’s chagrin), but it held hundreds of CDs — just, as Chandler says, ”like the apothecary tables of yore.”

2 FRANKIE SAY RELAX T-SHIRT SEASON 3, The One With the Tiny T-shirt Stretched out, faded, and hilariously tight on Ross, the ’80s-era tee signified the end of his and Rachel’s romance — for that season, anyway.

3 BIJAN FOR MEN SEASON 2, The One With the Breast Milk After his brief stint pushing Bijan in a department store, Joey — clad in an all-white cowboy getup — started pushing Hombre, and engaged in a sprayer showdown.

4 FOOSBALL TABLE DEBUTED SEASON 1 Who needs a kitchen table when all you eat are sandwiches and cereal? (Phoebe: ”This game is grotesque! Twenty armless guys joined at the waist by a steel bar, forced to play soccer forever?”)

5 TOBLERONE SEASON 4, The One With the Free Porn Joey became obsessed with this nougaty chocolate treat Emily brought from the airport. (But we still don’t forgive her for saying ”Thank you” to Ross’ declaration of love.)

6 JOEY’S PORSCHE SEASON 6, The One With Joey’s Porsche No, it wasn’t really his — but it’s not like Joey needed a hot car (even one that tops out at 130 mph, or 160 mph upstate, according to Joey) to attract babes.

7 NESTLE TOLL HOUSE COOKIES SEASON 7, The One With Phoebe’s Cookies Don’t miss the look on Monica’s face when Phoebe reveals that her secret cookie recipe came from her great-great-grandmother, named Nestele Toulouse.

8 BARCALOUNGERS SEASON 2, The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know Making their first appearance together, Chandler’s and Joey’s leather chairs (Joey later dubbed his ”Rosita”) were perfect for viewing lots of Baywatch.

9 DYSON VACUUM CLEANER SEASON 10, The One Where Chandler Gets Caught Only neat freak Monica would own a $400 vacuum cleaner. And probably a separate Dustbuster to pick up dust mites the Dyson misses.


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