Courtney Love could enter rehab. The actress, who allegedly tested positive for cocaine during an October arrest, is negotiating a plea deal that would involve drug treatment

By Brian Hiatt
Updated May 03, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Courtney Love: Armando Arorizo/EPA/AP

Courtney Love tested positive for cocaine use at the time of an October arrest, prosecutors told reporters Monday, while adding that they are negotiating a plea deal that would land her in drug rehab. If Love agrees to the deal, and completes the rehabilitation program, misdemeanor charges of suspicion of drug use will be dropped, Los Angeles County Supervising Attorney Jerry Baik said, according to Reuters.

Love’s trial on the charges — which stem from her October 2 arrest for allegedly trying to break into the house of ex-boyfriend James Barber — was set to begin on Monday, but it was pushed back after her lawyer said he was busy with another client, according to the Associated Press. Love also faces felony drug charges from that same night, which are being handled separately. After being released from jail that night, Love was hospitalized for a painkiller overdose, leading police to charge her with felony possession of controlled substances oxycodone and hydrocodone.