Paul McCartney channels his inner-child in ''The Music and Animation Collection'' - Sir Macca raises animal awareness, but he really just wants to be in a cartoon

By Chris Willman
Updated April 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Music and Animation Collection

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The Music and Animation Collection (Unrated, 43 mins., 2004, Miramax) finds Sir Macca doing voice-overs, songs, and scores for three shorts with animator Geoff Dunbar.

Did you produce these to please kids, or yourself?

Myself, really. I’m a big kid at heart. Even when I was with the Beatles, getting into cartoons was an ambition of mine.

It’s ironic you do most of the voices, since someone else did the Beatles’ in 1968’s Yellow Submarine.

We were too into recording and didn’t relish the idea. Doing your own voice is nowhere near as fun as doing somebody else’s. I’m a bit of a mimic. ”Hello, this is Paul” — that gets boring.

One cartoon has animals fleeing to a carnivore-free island. Hunters won’t be buying this for the kids.

But hunters’ wives will, to get the guys to stop it. Think about Bambi, Dumbo, The Fox and the Hound — there’s a lot of animal awareness in Disney films. It’s a great tradition I’m following.

The Music and Animation Collection

  • Movie