In her book ''Everything About Me Is Fake?and I'm Perfect,'' the former supermodel dishes about breaking up with Stallone, making out with JFK Jr., and dancing with Timberlake

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated April 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Few authors can combine a cautionary tale about cosmetic surgery with dishy anecdotes about breaking up with Sylvester Stallone, making out with JFK Jr., and dancing with Justin Timberlake. But Janice Dickinson — the self-proclaimed ”world’s first supermodel” and caustic America’s Next Top Model judge — does so seamlessly in Everything About Me Is Fake…and I’m Perfect (Regan, $24.95). And talking to Dickinson, 49, is about as mind-boggling as Sly’s post-breakup demand that she return his toaster.

Why write another book so soon after 2002’s No Lifeguard on Duty?

I wanted to talk about the perfliction complex — perfection addiction, a word I coined. I just come up with words. Being an Aquarian woman, I wanted to unveil the ugly side of being beautiful.

Do you regret your cosmetic surgery?

No. My eyelids aren’t hanging down to my shoulder blades. My ass isn’t hanging down to the back of my kneecaps.

After two tell-alls, is there anything about your life you haven’t written about?

Hell, yeah. I’m like The Lord of the Rings of supermodels. This is only book 2 of the trilogy. I just gossip about myself. I talk about A-list actors — that’s what they’re there for, to be talked about. Last night I had a date with Jon Lovitz, the king of comedy himself. I had Lasik surgery and he was making fun of my eye patch. Print that.