Comparing the work of Tony and Ridley Scott - The brothers share a production company and a love of big dramas action, but who's more successful?

By Joshua Rich
Updated April 30, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Directors Ridley and Tony Scott are brothers, share a production company, and make big action dramas. Tony’s movies have grossed a combined $789 mil; Ridley’s have earned…$789 mil (seriously). The release of Tony’s Man on Fire (far left) brings up a favorite debate: Who’s better? Ridley’s Blade Runner was a great film but a financial flop. Tony’s Days of Thunder made a mint, but was actually pretty lame. Tallying both box office and artistic success, we track 20 of the Scotts’ other films.

— Joshua Rich




1979 Alien 1986 Legend 1987 Someone to Watch Over Me 1989 Black Rain 1991 Thelma & Louise 1996 White Squall 1997 G.I. Jane 2000 Gladiator 2001 Hannibal; Black Hawk Down


1983 The Hunger 1986 Top Gun 1987 Beverly Hills Cop II 1990 Revenge 1991 The Last Boy Scout 1993 True Romance 1995 Crimson Tide 1996 The Fan [1997 G.I. Jane] 1998 Enemy of the State 2001 Spy Game