''Buffy'''s Xander checks himself into rehab. He announces he's seeking treatment at a ''Buffy'' fan convention

Nicholas Brendon, who battled monsters as Xander on ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” is now fighting his own demons in real life. In a statement posted on his website, Brendan said he’d checked himself into an alcohol rehab clinic. ”After realizing that I had a disease that was taking control of my life, I decided that the best way for me to regain my health was to enter a treatment facility,” the 33-year-old actor wrote. ”I?m grateful for the love and support I?ve gotten from my wife, Tressa; my entire family; my business associates; and my friends.”

Brendon, who was last seen in March’s ABC Family movie ”Celeste in the City,” initially announced he was seeking treatment on Sunday while addressing ”Buffy” fans at Cleveland’s Slayercon. ”Over the past eight years I?ve discovered that Buffy fans are the most caring and supportive fans in the world,” he wrote in his website statement. ”Knowing that they will be behind me, rooting for me as I go through this process, makes everything that much easier. I?m looking forward to leading a happy, sober life.”