''The Bachelor'' spy answers five burning questions. Jenny S. tells EW.com why she didn't rat on Trish and how she made Jesse cry

By Lisa Costantini
April 28, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Jenny Schiralli: Bob D'Amico
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ABC’s latest Bachelor, New York Giants backup quarterback Jesse Palmer, had some help in the backfield — his good friend (and college roommate’s wife) Jenny Schiralli posed as a bachelorette and then gave Jesse the dirt on the other gals. EW.com tracked down the spy and got her to tackle some burning questions about the newest single guy to play the field and the women vying to join his team (Wednesdays, 9 p.m.).

1. What was up with that ”just friends” kiss on the lips?
It was, um, a just-between-friends kiss. Of course, Jenny’s not surprised there’s been so much talk about the smooch: ”According to the National Enquirer we [Jesse, Jenny, and her hubby, Nick] had a love triangle in college…. But [the kissing on the lips] is a new development [giggles]. I’ve always been very affectionate with my friends. My husband was fine with it, even though our friends were saying, ‘BUT HE KISSED HER ON THE LIPS!’ It wasn’t premeditated, it was just how we felt and there was nothing behind it.”

2. Why didn’t you trash Trish more?
Because Trish was her favorite bachelorette. Just kidding! Jenny says: ”I was pretty vague because… I didn’t want to persuade him too much, I wanted to see if he noticed any of it himself. That’s why the second time around, when he was still glazed over, I was like, ‘Okay, you’ve got to wake up and smell the coffee because you’re missing this. Big-time.”’

3. Did Trish get the last rose?
We think not. Though she can’t reveal who made Jesse’s final cut, we’ve got some pretty good evidence. It goes like this: Jenny had told Jesse she couldn’t be his friend if he picked a girl like Trish, and it seems the spy and the Bachelor are still pals. ”I was in New York last week doing appearances and I went to dinner with him a couple nights. I am very happy with his decision. Ultimately he’s a good judge of character, and because he took everything into consideration, he made a really great choice.”

4. What makes a pro football player cry?
Apparently, a heart-to-heart with his good friend. ”What you didn’t see in the conversation [where I told him about Trish] was that it had us both in tears. I was thanking him for giving me the opportunity to help him find his wife and he was thanking me for dropping my life [to help him].”

5. What reality show does she REALLY want to do?
It’s not just Apprentice Bill Rancic who has a failed TV audition in his past. Says Jenny: ”I’ve applied [to ‘Survivor’] twice. I obviously don’t want to do a dating show, I don’t want to do ‘Fear Factor,’ but I would love to test myself on ‘Survivor’ and see how I’d do. The thing is, as soon as I was dropped off on some remote location, I’d be like, ‘What was I thinking? Why am I here?”’

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