The Stepford Wives:Andrew Schwartz
April 21, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

The Stepford Wives (Movie - 2004)

Current Status
In Season
93 minutes
Wide Release Date
Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken
Frank Oz
Paramount Pictures
Paul Rudnick
Mystery and Thriller, Comedy
We gave it a C

”It’s foolish that people think there shouldn’t be any tension on set,” defends director Frank Oz. ”It’s insane.” He’s referring, of course, to his problem-plagued remake of the 1975 ”Stepford” creepfest, which tackled such issues as feminism and paranoia, not to mention fear of suburbia. Among the tabloid reports: Oz clashes with Midler! Kidman refuses to film in the sweltering heat! (the film was shot in New York City and Connecticut last summer) Walken storms off the set when he learns that his character — Mike Wellington — would be beheaded at the end of the film! While Oz cops to indeed clashing with the Divine Miss M (”Of course, I regret that in the heat of the moment, we had tension,” he says, ”but that happens in every movie”), he won’t confirm or deny any guillotine-driven plot twists (”That’s the last thing I wanna do”).

Okay, enough with the explanations and on to the film: The darkly campy script from Paul Rudnick (”In & Out,” ”Addams Family Values”) follows the same story — the strange goings-on surrounding Joanna and Walter Eberhart (Kidman and Matthew Broderick) when they move from Manhattan to the bucolic town of Stepford — but shifts the action to the postfeminist 21st century. Walter soon joins a secret all-male society run by Wellington, while Joanna teams up with dowdy local Bobbie Markowitz (Midler). Glenn Close joins the fray as Wellington’s wife.

The script called for lots of ”Witches of Eastwick”-style effects — ”We take advantage of remote controls, e-mail, and CGI animation,” chirps Rudnick — and a forward-thinking spin on women’s lib. ”We are watching the world’s reaction to the idea of female power every day,” he says, citing Martha Stewart’s downfall as exhibit A. ”And the man’s response to a powerful woman being a form of technological annihilation has a dark tone to it. But there’s also something instantly comic about a man turning his wife into a robot!”

THE GOOD NEWS That cast.

THE BAD NEWS According to Oz, ”We’re probably going to do a couple of additional shoots to sharpen up the story line.” That’s never a good sign.

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