Carrie-Anne Moss joins Cruise for ''M:I3.'' The ''Matrix'' star will bring her action chops to ''Mission: Impossible 3''

Good morning, Trinity. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join Tom Cruise for a starring role in another action franchise. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carrie-Anne Moss has, in fact, accepted her new assignment, starring opposite Cruise in the forthcoming ”Mission: Impossible 3.” No word on the details of her role, but if it’s anything like those played by Emmanuelle Beart and Thandie Newton in the first two movies, her character will be an exotic femme fatale with as many tricks up her sleeve as Cruise’s spy Ethan Hunt has up his. Joining them will be Ving Rhames, reprising his role from the two previous ”Missions” as Hunt’s hacker sidekick Luther Stickell, Variety reports.

Also no word on the plot of the film, which ”Narc” director Joe Carnahan will shoot in August, but Cruise has been scouting locations as far flung as Berlin and Ghana, according to the Reporter. Meanwhile, Moss is currently shooting an untitled drama about a kidnapped teenager, alongside Ralph Fiennes, Rita Wilson, and ”Billy Elliot”’s Jamie Bell.

Mission: Impossible III
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