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Updated April 19, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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The Challenge (Movie - 2003)

Why we’d skip Mary-Kate and Ashley’s ”The Challenge”

PREDICAMENT The estranged Dalton twins are selected (without the other’s knowledge) to be on a ”Survivor”-esque reality show where they must live together in a ”Real World”-style bungalow. Sibling rivalry ensues, but the girls must band together to win a college scholarship.

MARY-KATE PLAYS Shane, a California hippie chick who practices yoga and abstains from eating meat

ASHLEY PLAYS Lizzie, a preppy student from D.C. who has only been late once — at birth, when her twin sister’s umbilical cord got wrapped around her neck

FASHION STATEMENT Shane aligns her chakras while wearing peasant shirts and cutoffs; Lizzie is the picture of East Coast sophistication in capri pants and blouses.

WHY WE’D SKIP IT Apparently the girls were loco about making a movie in Mexico, or was it the lure of a tropical vacation? This not-so-subtle ”Survivor” ripoff is definitely a challenge — for viewers who are annoyed by the Jeff Probst-wannabe host. Despite the DVD’s never-before-seen ending that reunites the girls with their past movie boyfriends, this film does NOT deserve immunity.


The Challenge (Movie - 2003)

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