''Apprentice'''s Kwame fields job offers. The runner-up may work for another billionaire, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

By Gary Susman
Updated April 19, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Shed no tears for Kwame Jackson. Even though Donald Trump picked Bill Rancic over him to win ”The Apprentice,” Jackson could prove the Clay to Rancic’s Ruben. While Rancic is locked into a year-long stint (at a $250,000 salary) as a manager of a Trump hotel construction project in Chicago, Jackson is reportedly fielding several lucrative job offers, including one from another billionaire planning a reality TV show about himself.

Jackson told TV’s ”Extra” that he’d been approached at the ”Apprentice” afterparty by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who reportedly waited for hours to meet the runner-up and offer him a job managing one of his portfolios. ”I’m deciding and we’re going to be talking,” Kwame told ”Extra.” ”I mean, I’m just flattered that he waited around for me.” Cuban, of course, is planning his own ”Apprentice”-like show called ”The Benefactor,” in which he’d give a million dollars to one of several competing wheedlers.

Before Jackson made it into the final two, KFC offered whoever became the ”Apprentice”’s second-place finisher a one-week position (salary: $25,000) running a marketing campaign for the fast-food franchise’s new oven-roasted chicken meals. Jackson told TV Guide Online that he’d be willing to take up that offer ”once we negotiate a higher fee.”

Star magazine reports that Kwame plans to make his own opportunity by raising $2.5 million to launch a film company, Legacy Communications, whose first project will be a documentary about Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden, to be directed by ”Pumping Iron” helmer George Butler. And Jackson may soon get to meet President Bush; according to Star, Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren has invited him to the annual White House correspondents’ dinner on May 1. (Two years ago, she also brought the reality stars of the moment, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne). Expect Jackson to exchange more business cards there.

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