By Ken Tucker
April 16, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Swamp Thing


It takes great green guts to revive Swamp Thing, the vegetation mutation that writer Alan Moore turned into the hero of one of the most acclaimed series of the ’80s. But writer Andy Diggle seems up to the task, reincarnating the long-buried man-plant as a destructive and conscienceless force of nature. And by making him an antihero, Diggle can update Moore’s themes, which also dealt with green politics. More significantly, he cannily shifts the spotlight to Abby and Tefe Holland, the wife and daughter of Swamp Thing’s human form, Dr. Alec Holland. They’re now trying to stop their Swampy and restore his humanity, but Diggle’s writing is never too earnest; he likes wisecracks and action above all. Enrique Breccia’s art complements Diggle’s swift pace, and he adds a nice post-punk look to both Tefe and Swamper. All in all, a morally complex and wittily slimy piece of work.

Swamp Thing

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