By Gary Eng Walk
Updated April 16, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

This much is clear after playing these new titles: Virtual ballplayers are people too! ESPN’s game gives you a nice ground-level view of the action, while its Confidence Meter rises and falls depending on your on-field performance. Get out of a bases-loaded jam, for instance, and your pitcher’s sense of invincibility makes him more likely to dominate in the next inning. MVP Baseball 2004 takes dugout psychology a step further. Playing full seasons in Dynasty Mode has all the drama of a reality TV show, as players’ feelings get hurt if you don’t play them enough. For the ultimate in ego gratification (yours), MLB 2005 lets you use an EyeToy to digitally paste your face onto the body of a young rookie. Beyond the frills, all three titles dish out amazing gameplay, but we give the edge to MVP, with its innovative fielding and pitching interfaces.