Get enough Trump to last till the next ''Apprentice.'' The Donald offers merch to hold you over till the second season

By Doree Lewak
Updated April 16, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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After the finale of NBC’s ”The Apprentice” (April 15, 9-11 p.m.), the Donald’s fans will have to survive, Trump-less, until the second installment debuts in fall ’05. But don’t worry — he’s offering this lineup of merchandise to fill the void.

“YOU’RE FIRED!” T-shirts His hair (thankfully!) hasn’t inspired a fashion frenzy — can you imagine a nationwide run on scary hair weaves? — but his signature saying has. The ”YOU’RE FIRED!” T-shirt line, an equal opportunity slogan for both men and women, is selling faster than a White House official can diss Omarosa. Bloomingdale’s had to reorder after selling out its initial shipments, which means you can buy knock-offs from street vendors any minute now.

”Trump: How to Get Rich” Apparently, the first step to amassing your fortune is to spend money — $21.95 for this book. Though Trump may want to boast that the tome has sold more copies than the Bible (in the first week alone!), the real figures put it at No. 3 on the New York Times’ bestseller list.

Playing the Trump card So what if every financial expert advises to avoid using credit cards if you’re in debt? Donald would probably counter with “You don’t get rich by following the rules.” What a guy! Why not use the Trump signature Visa to buy a “YOU’RE FIRED” tee, then wear it in one of his casinos? Can you think of a more perfect way to wind down than by reading ”How to Get Rich” in bed at a Trump hotel (reportedly in the red)? Just don’t let Carolyn see you slacking.

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