By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated March 17, 2020 at 02:49 AM EDT

Rachel worrying about getting too old to start a family, Joey being promoted on Days of Our Lives from coma patient to brain-transplant patient, Ross actually spending time with his son — only three years ago, but watching it feels downright nostalgic. Friends’ seventh season is far fresher than the show’s current ultra-sweet lead-up to the series finale, thanks to a combination of funny struggles (Monica strategizes to get a cheap wedding dress) and soapy moments (Rachel’s pregnancy revealed in the finale). EXTRAS Exec producers’ commentary on select episodes overflows with juicy tidbits; the gag reel and interactive ”Monica’s Wedding Book Challenge” are fun. And while ”Gunther Spills the Beans” is only a promo for season 8, we salute anything that gives props to the silent one.