Omarosa got off too easy -- and Bill deserved his win, since Kwame let O sabotage him. And still, Karyn L. Barr believed Kwame would hear ''You're hired!'' from the Donald

By Karyn L. Barr
Updated April 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
The Apprentice: Scott Duncan

O got off too easy! And Bill deserved to win

He’s HIRED! Bill Rancic, the Chicago cigar entrepreneur, trumped NYC’s Kwame Jackson to become the Donald’s newest lackey.

And quite honestly, I’m floored! (Kudos to the big D for totally pulling one over on me.)

Now, before I begin my ”WHY DID KWAME GO?” rant — and before all of you start writing in and yelling at me for not praising the wonder that is Bill — let me just say this: Congratulations, Billy boy! You truly were a great competitor! Sure, you can be a little frantic at times and a little too fond of pot-stirring, but all in all, you rocked it. Job well done! Congrats 10 times over. And I wish you all the luck in building the 90-floor Trump International Hotel and Tower in the Windy City. (Oh, and please feel free to send some of your $250,000 salary my way. XO!)

And I’m done. Bill will get a ton of press in the coming weeks. So let’s talk about Kwame?

If you would have asked me up until 10:31 p.m. tonight who would be the lucky schmo to take the ”Apprentice” cake, I would have bet my apartment, my car, and my precious Trump bobblehead (yes, I have two of them for those of you keeping track of my wagers) that Kwame would be crowned King Kiss-up. There was absolutely no question in my mind.

After all, New York Post gossip spot Page Six (via Katrina) said Mr. Jackson would win. My casino sources agreed. And the only thing that I heard about Bill was that he was spotted around Chi-town flirting with the ”Bachelor”’s Jen Schefft while allegedly getting back into his cigar biz. So clearly, the spoilers seekers out there, myself included, thought Kwame was a done deal — signed, sealed, and delivered to TV reality heaven.

Sure, Kwame was B-O-R-I-N-G. He ”never ruffled any feathers.” And he definitely took ”cool, calm, and collected” to a whole new level. But what makes crappy TV doesn’t necessarily make a crappy employee. Mr. Jackson had the credentials (Um, hello? Harvard MBA!), the quiet confidence and the chiseled good looks to go far in the Trump world.

What’s more is that he never micromanaged, which I applaud despite Heidi’s admission that she’d rather have a boss who’s a little more hands-on. He was the anti-Omarosa who never yelled or complained at nauseam. And the guy even got the seal of approval from GEORGE!

So, when it came down to deciding who was most deserving of the job (after my original pick, Amy, of course), I — hands down-believed it was the Kwam-ster. Hmm… goes to show all of you that I have no clue what I am talking about!

Well, on second thought, I was right about one thing — Omarosa. I smelled the sabotage last week: that sneaky, vengeful sucker did indeed have the last laugh by becoming Kwame’s downfall.

Why, oh, why, did Kwame pick her to join his final team? Didn’t Mr. Cool-as-Trump-Ice see the crazy in her eyes?? Didn’t he realize that the bitter pot-and-kettle-hater would take vindictiveness to a whole new level???

Looks like Kwame’s so-called ”still waters” didn’t run as deep as he thought in the end. As the Donald and his cronies so accurately pointed out in the final, live boardroom, Kwame ”didn’t take a tough enough stand against her” and should have fired Ms. High-and-Mighty on the spot instead of shooing her to the sidelines.

Sniff. If only he were more feather-ruffling like Bill. Then maybe, just maybe, KJ would be heading up a skyscraper project in Chicago instead of burying his head in a bucket of chicken and a side of fries over at his reportedly new job at the KFC headquarters.