Paget Brewster

By EW Staff
Updated April 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Friends: Warner Bros. Television

Kathy was a memorable ”Friends” ex

DATED Chandler and Joey


DATING TYPE The Sexy Actress

THEIR LOVE STORY When Joey and Kathy rehearse a scene together, Joey feels the heat — and not from the script. Chandler, unaware that his roommate is dating Kathy, strikes up a conversation with her and falls just as hard. Then, after Kathy dumps Joey for Chandler, Chandler loses her too, by letting his jealousy about Kathy’s steamy stage work get the better of him.

FUN FACT Brewster had her own local talk show in San Francisco circa 1994.

POST-”FRIENDS” She was Jessica in the short-lived but critically acclaimed Fox show ”Andy Richter Controls the Universe.”