Get ready for ''Lingerie Bowl'' reality show. The scrimmage series shops for a network, though games will still be a pay-per-view event

By Gary Susman
Updated April 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

The newly created Lingerie Football League, created by the folks who gave you the Lingerie Bowl during February’s Super Bowl, will still offer the games only to pay-per-view customers, but you may still be able to get a glimpse into the locker room on network TV. Variety reports that Horizon Productions, which launched the four-team LFL this week, is close to a deal with Fox Television Studios to shoot a reality series that shows what happens behind the line of scrimmage. The series would offer 10 episodes of practice games and off-the-gridiron activity among the members of the Los Angeles Dream, the New York Euphoria, the Dallas Desire, and the Chicago Bliss.

The irony of the nearly-nude Lingerie Bowl, which aired during halftime at the Super Bowl, is that it was upstaged by the fully-exposed breast of Janet Jackson that free-TV viewers during the official halftime show. The crackdown on racy programming since then has meant less near-nudity on TV, from the trimming of sex scenes on ”NYPD Blue” and emergency-room scenes on ”ER,” to last week’s decision by Victoria’s Secret not to produce a televised lingerie fashion show this year. To Horizon president Mitch Mortaza, that means less competition for his league of half-naked halfbacks and panty-clad tight ends. In fact, he promises that the players will show even more skin than they did in February. ”The uniforms are a lot sexier,” he told Variety. ”The bottoms and tops are skimpier, and the shoulder pads are smaller.” Let’s just hope that doesn’t extend to the celebrity coaches the league is recruiting, who may include such former NFL pros as William Perry and Lawrence Taylor. We don’t need to see The Refrigerator in a thong.