The shows vying to be the next ''Apprentice'' -- Tycoons take to the tube, but can they trump Donald?

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated April 09, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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The shows vying to be the next ”Apprentice”

Before Donald Trump even utters his final ”you’re fired” this season, new shows are lining up to become the next ”Apprentice.” Here, the applicants and their chances of filling the reality hit’s wingtips.

BRANSON’S BIG ADVENTURE (Fox) Mogul wannabes kiss up to Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. A flamboyant tycoon! Challenges that mirror his rise to the top! Business types fighting for their professional lives! If only it had Carolyn and George. 75% chance

THE CONTENDER (NBC) Aspiring pugilists duke it out for a $1 million prize, guided by George Foreman and Sugar Ray Leonard. With two heavyweights, plus Sylvester Stallone exec-producing, it’s got hit potential. Question is whether it can draw boxing virgins. 50% chance

THE BENEFACTOR (ABC) Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban bestows a million bucks on the contestant he likes most. With no real structure or rules announced, the show may score or foul out based on the honcho’s personality. 33% chance

THE PARTNER (Fox) A team of Ivy Leaguers face off against grads from less-snooty law schools in mock trials and compete to win a job as a partner in a major firm. So far no Trump-like mentor has been cast — and without a big name, it’s just a bunch of backstabbers trying to get ahead. 25% chance

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