By Jessica Shaw
Updated April 09, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

She’s 4′ 11”. Her chest rivals Pamela Anderson’s — pre-reduction. She confessed to viewers that she’s never had a boyfriend. Could we love Average Joe: Adam Returns reject Jen Lifshitz any more? Answer: No.

How much do you hate Adam?

I still think he’s a nice guy. But when we talked he was socially awkward, and I know I could talk to a wall. My friends think he looks like a gopher.

Have you become the most popular girl at the University of Michigan?

When I’m at bars people will recognize me, but I haven’t been asked out on dates. I’ve gotten 10 e-mails, which is more than I’ve gotten from men before.

Why do you think we’re so in love with you?

I’m not stick skinny. I don’t look all-American pretty. I’m just normal. But I’m very outgoing, and my energy sort of stands out.

Average Joe: Jen L.’s Revenge…thoughts?

If there was a Jen L. Returns, Jen L. would be all over that.

Forget Adam. Do you want EW to find you a boyfriend?

You really think people will want to write me?

Hell, yeah!

If you are interested in dating 23-year-old Jen L. — and you know you are — send an e-mail (with picture, natch) to