KFC offers job to ''Apprentice'' runner-up. Whoever Trump fires last will get a one-week job overseeing a fast-food sales campaign, $25,000, and a year's supply of chicken

By Gary Susman
Updated April 06, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
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Memo to Bill, Kwame, Amy, and Nick, the remaining contestants on ”The Apprentice”: Even if you wind up being the last person to hear Donald Trump say, ”You’re fired,” you can still get a leg up on your competitors with a high-profile corporate job. KFC announced Tuesday that it will offer the show’s runner-up a chance to get out of the firing pan and into the fryer. If the TV tyro tycoon accepts the job offer, he or she will start work April 19 as the fast-food chain’s Chief Sales Officer, a position that involves overseeing the campaign to launch the restaurant’s new line of oven-roasted chicken meals. Unfortunately, it’s a temp job that lasts only one week, but it does come with a $25,000 salary and a year’s supply of chicken. As for the other two finalists, they may also get sales jobs at KFC — behind the counter, asking if you’d like Original Recipe or Extra Crispy.

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