Kelly Osbourne enters rehab for painkillers. Ozzy and Sharon say Jack, fresh out of the clinic, checked his sister in

By Gary Susman
Updated April 05, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT
Credit: Kelly Osbourne: Matt Writtle /EPA/AP

”I think it’s a family illness,” Ozzy Osbourne told Larry King on Friday. He and wife Sharon appeared on King’s CNN show to announce that daughter Kelly had entered Promises, the celebrity rehab clinic in Malibu, to battle her addiction to painkillers. Son Jack, who underwent treatment for substance abuse himself a year ago at a Pasadena clinic, checked his sister into Promises, their parents said. ”I am angry. I am let down. I feel I’ve failed, again,” Sharon said.

Ozzy and Sharon said they had confronted their 19-year-old daughter that day, after a British tabloid informed them it had a photo that appeared to show Kelly engaging in a drug deal. ”After a lot of twisting,” Sharon said, Kelly revealed that she did have a problem and revealed a bag of pills under her bed. ”There must have been 500,” Ozzy said.

Ozzy, who himself underwent three months of alcohol rehab in 1989 after nearly killing Sharon in a drunken rage, filed a complaint recently against Dr. David Kipper, who’s already under investigation by the Medical Board of California, alleging that Dr. Kipper overmedicated him while trying to cure him of a recent addiction to prescription drugs, the Los Angeles Times reports. Ozzy first leveled the allegations in the Times in December, charging that Dr. Kipper’s regime of pills led to Ozzy’s disorientation and unsteadiness that was apparent to viewers of MTV’s ”The Osbournes” last season. The board will issue a ruling after viewing the rocker’s medical records and meeting with Ozzy and Sharon. Kipper’s attorney, John D. Harwell, would say only that his client was ”always pleased to cooperate with the medical board.”