Jack Black will star in Peter Jackson's ''King Kong.'' He'll play the filmmaker who introduces Naomi Watts to the big ape
Jack Black
Credit: Jack Black: Jennifer Graylock/AP

Well, he did look kind of apelike in his semi-clothed performance in ”Orange County,” but did you expect Jack Black to land a starring role in Peter Jackson’s much-anticipated remake of ”King Kong”? According to the Hollywood Reporter, Black will play Carl Denham, the adventure-seeking filmmaker who brings starlet Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) to a remote island in the South Pacific, where he inadvertently introduces her to the tallest, darkest leading man in movie history. ”I’ve been wanting to work with Jack Black ever since I saw him in ‘High Fidelity,”’ said the ”Lord of the Rings” director, who will shoot ”Kong” later this year in New Zealand. ”He’s a smart and versatile actor blessed with an abundance of energy and charm and I’m absolutely thrilled that he is joining us on ‘Kong.”’ Black next appears on screen in April’s ”Envy,” which must be what a lot of more conventional Hollywood leading men are feeling right now over the ”Kong” casting.

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