By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated March 26, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

A roundup of TV’s latest opening credits

Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital (ABC) Barren trees, dirt-covered hands, and (presumably) dead bodies stink up this joint, set to Ivy’s gorgeous ”Worry About You.” We’re all for dank beauty, but not when it’s ripped off from Six Feet Under’s Emmy-winning intro. B-

Wonderfalls (Fox) XTC’s Andy Partridge sings the loopy dramedy’s refreshing 39-second intro ditty, a sunny rock gem that’s just as idiosyncratic as the show itself. Bonus points for the Niagara Falls shout-out in the too-cute opening line: ”We’re boppin’ along in our barrels…” A-

The Apprentice (NBC) We can’t get enough of everything else on this damn show, so why not its opening credits, set to the O’Jays’ appropriately capitalistic ”For the Love of Money”? The visuals — wads of cash, private jets, the Donald — scream conspicuous consumption, and having the contestants’ names roll by on stock tickers is genius. One glaring omission: Where the heck are George, Carolyn, and Robin?