They've got the Donald's back

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated March 26, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
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Trump henchmen Carolyn Kepcher and George Ross lurk in the background of every Apprentice task, saving their few choice words for the dreaded boardroom. We weren’t even sure what their job titles were until we got them to spill.

CAROLYN The steely exec VP-COO of Trump National Golf Club has — surprise — a sense of humor. ”How I got involved in the show is a very, very long story,” she tells us. ”Here it is: [Trump] asked and I said yes.”

GEORGE ”Most of my lines end up on the cutting-room floor,” demurs Trump’s relatively genial general counsel-exec VP. Still, he’s been accosted in elevators (”Get rid of Sam!”) and fielded Apprentice calls. ”After Omarosa got fired, I answer the phone and someone says ‘Hurray!’ and hangs up.”

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