''Love Boat'' sails toward the multiplex. Look for a hip-hop rendition of the theme song and a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle

By Gary Susman
Updated March 23, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
The Love Boat
Credit: The Love Boat: MPTV

If you saw the TV Land Awards last week, you were surely as stunned as we were by the appearance of Charo, who, at 63, looks almost the same as she did 25 years ago. Which is good, because she’ll probably be asked to make a cameo appearance in the upcoming ”Love Boat” movie. Variety reports that Paramount’s big-screen adaptation of the 1977-86 series is finally setting sail after a decade in development drydock. (Blame the success of another Aaron Spelling 1970s series-turned-movie, ”Starsky & Hutch.”)

Producer David Permut told Variety that the movie version will be a flippant take on the series. (As if there were some way to do a serious ”Love Boat” movie?) ”We have a unique and irreverent take that will turn this innocent show on its head,” Permut said. For instance, he said, he’s commissioning a new version of the Jack Jones-crooned theme song? as a hip-hop tune! (Unique, no?) And the plot will involve a cruise to? the Bermuda Triangle! (Irreverent, yes?) Note to Paramount: Wake us in time for the ”Fantasy Island” movie.