By Jennifer Armstrong
March 19, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Two DVD’s we’re dying to see: ‘90210’ and ‘Melrose Place’

Young, pretty, rich people — two ’90s shows taught us to care deeply about their angst. So what better time than the era of The O.C. to give us its forebears — Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place — on DVD? Despite lengthy online petitions and hefty eBay profits for fans with tapes of the soapy sensations, neither former Fox hit is currently slated for release. (A spokesman at Paramount, which owns the DVD rights, would say only that the titles are ”under consideration.”) We relish Summer and Seth’s current sexual escapades, but long for the more innocent 90210 days, when virginity was worth debating for seven seasons. And devious Julie Cooper wouldn’t have a chance mano a mano with Melrose’s deliciously evil Amanda. Without the Aaron Spelling masterpieces on disc, we might forget that seminal time in television history when we liked our melodrama in heaping portions, with a side of big hair and padded shoulders. And don’t you just salivate over the idea of a Shannen Doherty commentary track?