Courtney Love is arrested in nightclub incident. Hours after flashing Letterman, she's accused of injuring a man by throwing a microphone stand at him

By Gary Susman
March 18, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Courtney Love: Rick Mackler/Rangefinders/Globe Photos

Courtney Love celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by flashing David Letterman while singing ”Danny Boy” and getting arrested in a bar. Hours after her risqué performance on his ”Late Show,” she was performing at the Manhattan nightclub Plaid, where she allegedly threw a microphone stand into the audience, striking a patron in the head, CNN reports. A Plaid spokeswoman said the 24-year-old man insisted on pressing charges, and Love was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment after the performance.

Tossing the mike stand was just part of the act, the spokeswoman said. She said Love ”didn’t know she hurt someone and felt terrible about it, but she didn’t feel she was guilty of a crime either.”  New York police Sgt. John Grimpel said the victim was taken to Cabrini Hospital with minor head injuries. ”It was pretty bloody,” the club spokeswoman said.

The 2:30 a.m. club show came hours after Love’s appearance on ”Late Show,” where she imitated her pal Drew Barrymore’s notorious 1995 guest spot and repeatedly lifted her top to flash the host, even climbing on his desk at one point to give him an eyeful. During her interview, she declined to discuss her pending felony drug possession case in Los Angeles, whose preliminary hearing was postponed this week for the fourth time. She acknowledged that she could be described as ”wacky” but asked Letterman: ”Is that against the law?”