Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week. The karaoke-loving cast sings out, for a good cause

By Gary Susman
Updated March 17, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Friends: Warner Bros.

BINGS SING Our favorite tabloid ”Friends” story of the week, from Britain’s Daily Star, says that Brad Pitt recently bought Jennifer Aniston a home recording studio, so that his karaoke-loving wife can rehearse in private for her new career, making children’s records. (Actually, this week, Aniston signed on to star in ”Diary,” a movie about a wife who finds her journal is being used against her.) Pitt’s gift was supposedly a response to an equally lavish present from Aniston, who reportedly bought him the horse he rode and apparently bonded with while shooting the upcoming film ”Troy.”

Aniston’s not the only Friend who enjoys karaoke. Last week, David Arquette hosted a celebrity karaoke fundraiser to benefit the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. His vocalizing wasn’t music to his wife’s ears, however. ”His singing doesn?t serenade,” Courteney Cox told TV’s ”Extra.” ”He likes it, but it?s not smooth.” Matthew Perry seemed similarly unimpressed. ”I used to host karaoke shows when I was a kid, but not for a long time now,” he said.

CHARITY DRIVE Also for a good cause, the Friends signed on to a BMW giveaway. Literally — all six of their autographs adorn the hood of a 2004 Mystic Blue X3. BMW will raffle off the SUV and donate the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. ”It is important to send the message that we all must do what we can to help fight breast cancer,” said a statement by Cox, who lost her mother-in-law to the disease. ”Together we can help raise funds for research and community outreach programs and encourage other Americans to participate.” Plus, you can win a bitchin’ ride that’ll seat you and five of your friends. Contest details are available at the BMW website.

CRAZY EDDIE Of course, charity begins at home. Which may be why, in casting the forthcoming CBS sitcom pilot that stars recent ”Friends” regular Aisha Tyler, producer Lisa Kudrow has hired another ”Friends” guest actor. It’s Adam ”The Hebrew Hammer” Goldberg, who played Chandler’s disturbed roommate Eddie on several episodes way back in 1996. On the new show, he’ll play a colleague of Tyler’s who follows her from her casual fashion industry gig to a stuffier corporate job. And when we say follows, we mean as a coworker, not as a creepy, Eddie-like stalker.