50 Cent delays second album until October. Saying his ''Get Rich'' follow-up tracks aren't up to snuff, the rapper goes back to the drawing board

By Gary Susman
Updated March 16, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

50 Cent’s forthcoming album could be called ”Top Myself or Die Tryin’.” The rapper, whose debut was 2003’s top-selling disc, told MTV News that he’s so intent on outdoing ”Get Rich or Die Tryin”’ that he recently scrapped the tunes he’s recorded so far and went back to square one. As a result, the release of 50’s follow-up CD will be delayed from July to October.

”In three days, I could make a record, 12 songs,” 50 boasted to MTV. ”But I have to make an album that tops what my last album was, so it’ll take a lot longer.” And he’s not the only one competing against himself. ”There’s pressure on [Dr.] Dre, also,” he said. ”He has to produce a better record for me than ‘In Da Club.”’

Still, there’ll be no shortage of releases this summer from 50’s crew, G Unit. Members Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, and Game all have solo discs coming out this summer, MTV reports.