March 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

1 AMY POEHLER ON ‘SNL’ The best reason to tune in is this canny comic’s rainbow of spot-on impressions, including Hillary Clinton and Michael Jackson.

2 STAR-SKY & HUTCH Once upon a time, every boy wanted a red Torino, and every girl wanted to be Mrs. David Soul. Relive those silly dreams in a new first-season DVD set.

3 DONALD TRUMP’S STAFF ON NBC’S ‘THE APPRENTICE’ Do they even have names? Ahh, who cares — we love ’em anyway: the old guy, the blond lady, and the not-very-busy receptionist.

4 YOUR COUNTRY, GRAHAM PARKER Old Blighty meets Nashville in the latest (and typically unheralded) album from the legendary pub rocker.

5 THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST Back in 1988, Martin Scorsese’s controversial depiction of Jesus’ life and death (starring Willem Dafoe) raised a lot of Passionate ire.

6 FUN WITH DICK AND JANE Starsky & Hutch? And now this ancient kiddie classic? What is this, the Musty List? Well, hold on to your knickers: The timeless series is back in a collection of delectably retro children’s reading guides.

7 SEASON PREMIERE OF ‘THE SOPRANOS’ Carmela’s home alone, Tony’s roaming, AJ meets a bear. Like you really need us to convince you to watch!

8 AWFULPLASTICSURGERY.COM How fun is it to see famous men and women of all ages so skillfully skewered after they’ve had their bodies, well, skewered?

9 MOTHER, COME HOME, by Paul Hornschemeier Moving and lyrical, this graphic novel reaches literary heights with its muted story of a father and son coping with loss and survival.

10 VIDEO FOR BLINK-182’S ”I MISS YOU” The band drones and intones in a moody clip that may well have been inspired by an Anne Rice novel.

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