By Amy Feitelberg
March 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
  • Movie

Ladies, if you want to believe that there’s more to college than getting your MRS., grab your lipstick and heed this warning: Do not see Mona Lisa Smile. It will insult your intelligence, begging questions like, Why do some characters have quasi-British accents? Why does Julia Roberts look completely out of place at a women’s college in the ’50s? How is it possible to jam so many cliches into two hours? We may never know, sisters, but the movie does teach us the earth-shattering lesson that things aren’t always what they seem (no way!). Roberts fans may spark to some moments, as her patented gestures are here: lips smushed in consternation, maniacal cackles, toothy grins. Just don’t expect any burning bras. EXTRAS Featurettes that try unsuccessfully to make the movie sound substantive (you can skip the Elton John video, too).