By Joshua Rich
Updated March 12, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

200,000 Number of abdominal crunches that Bill Murray claimed he did Oscar morning in order to fit into his tux.

3 Number of shots of Jack Nicholson… who wasn’t even at the ceremony!

48 Years to the day between serial killer Aileen Wuornos’ Leap Day birthday and Charlize Theron’s Leap Day Oscar win for playing her.

1 Number of Best Foreign Language Film winners ever from Canada.

1 Number of acting Oscar winners ever from South Africa.

45,214,000 Population of South Africa, all of whom were thanked by Charlize Theron (right).

3,904,000 Population of New Zealand, all of whom were thanked by everyone else.

5 out of 1,000 Ratio of New Zealanders who appeared in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

2,800,000 Population of Long Island, all of whom were thanked by Billy Crystal.

2 Number of people whose last names start with the letter Z ever to win an acting Oscar, after Renee Zellweger’s victory for Cold Mountain. (The first was Catherine Zeta-Jones, last year.)

2.5 Number of standing ovations (for Blake Edwards, Sean Penn, and a semi-standing O for The Return of the King’s Best Picture win).

44 Years since a movie last won both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. (Ben-Hur did it in 1960.)

3 minutes, 17 seconds Length of longest acceptance speech (Peter Jackson and Barrie M. Osborne, Best Picture).

43 seconds Length of shortest acceptance speech (Andrew Stanton, Best Animated Feature).

10 Number of extra seconds Two Soldiers winner Aaron Schneider asked for while giving his acceptance speech.

27 Number of extra seconds he got.

23 Length in painfully awkward seconds of Johnny Depp and Keisha Castle-Hughes’ first meeting, arranged by painful preshow host Billy Bush.

16 Years since a Best Picture winner last took home the Oscar in every category for which it was nominated. (The Last Emperor went nine-for-nine in 1988. That Best Picture winner also had no nominated actors.)

200 Length in minutes of The Return of the King.

221 Length in minutes of the telecast.

3 Number of references to Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl shenanigans.

5 Number of references to gay marriage.

27 Number of men who won Oscars.

8 Number of women who won Oscars.

95 Age of Clint Eastwood’s Oscar date, his mother, Ruth.

21 Number of wins EW predicted correctly (out of 24).