By EW Staff
March 11, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
The Apprentice: Scott Duncan

Here are Nick Warnock’s odds of winning ”The Apprentice”

OCCUPATION Xerox sales account manager

SMARTEST MOVE As leader during the coed flea-market task, he picked a solid team anchored by Amy and Bill.

DUMBEST MOVE His refusal to research clients or file proper paperwork during the Trump Ice challenge could have gotten him fired — if Bill hadn’t helped him pin the blame on flustered manager Ereka.

WHY HE WILL WIN He may be a jerk, but the guy gets results: His team won at the flea market, and by following his gut during the art competition, he engineered the biggest victory yet.

WHY HE WON’T Those victories may have been dumb luck: He mostly deferred to his female teammates at the flea market, and he owes part of his gallery win to the other team’s dismal loss.

WHAT THE BOSSES SAY ”He’s probably one of the best salesmen I’ve ever seen,” gushes Burnett. ”His downfall is he continually speaks his mind.” Trump says: ”Very strong, but sometimes not very diplomatic.”

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