By EW Staff
Updated March 11, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Heidi Bressler, The Apprentice
Credit: The Apprentice: Scott Duncan

Here are Heidi Bressler’s odds of winning ”The Apprentice”

SMARTEST MOVE Leading the charge to sell shots at Planet Hollywood via shameless flirtation with male customers. The bar profits were key in the women’s win in the restaurant task.

DUMBEST MOVE Letting her personal lunch-break tiff with Omarosa overtake the boardroom discussion after their team was slaughtered in the art challenge.

WHY SHE WILL WIN Her big personality and tough tawk make a memorable impression, and she’s remained competitive despite her mother’s cancer diagnosis.

WHY SHE WON’T Her squabbling with other contestants — before she clashed with Omarosa, there was tension with Kristi — threatens to overshadow her positive contributions.

WHAT THE BOSSES SAY ”She’s a brilliant businessperson, but she shows her cards,” Burnett cautions. Trump agrees: ”If she’d focus less on Omarosa and more on the task, she’d do even better.”

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