By EW Staff
March 11, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
The Apprentice: Scott Duncan

Here are Amy Henry’s odds of winning ”The Apprentice”

OCCUPATION Software-company account manager

SMARTEST MOVE Has yet to clash with anyone. Even when Omarosa drastically undersold Trump Ice, Amy kept her cool, expressing her dismay with kicks under the table.

DUMBEST MOVE Her flirtation with Nick, which is especially distressing given that Amy is one of the few women who didn’t tramp her way through early challenges. And Nick? Really?

WHY SHE WILL WIN Did we mention she worked well even with Omarosa? The teams have fought over her to fill postfiring vacancies, and for good reason: She is smart, savvy, and doesn’t make waves.

WHY SHE WON’T She might be too nice to fill Carolyn’s ice-cold pumps.

WHAT THE BOSSES SAY Burnett: ”Amy is an excellent strategist, an excellent peacemaker. I don’t have anything negative to say.” (Hmmm…is that a cryptic hint?) Says Trump: ”Incredible leader in a very subdued way.”

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