Britney's opening act: Jada Pinkett Smith -- The ''Matrix'' star's band, Wicked Wisdom, will perform on the European leg of Spears' ''Onyx Hotel'' tour
Jada Pinkett Smith
Credit: Jada Pinkett Smith: Paul Skipper/AP

Rapper-turned-actor Will Smith isn’t the only musician in his family. Wife Jada Pinkett Smith has been moonlighting as the lead singer of Wicked Wisdom, a band that’s performed in Los Angeles clubs over the past year. Now, the ”Matrix Revolutions” actress will be taking the act on the road, having landed an opening slot on one of this spring’s highest profile tours, Britney Spears’ ”Onyx Hotel.” Wicked Wisdom will open for Spears on eight dates in April in May when the tour crosses the pond to England, E! Online reports. No word on whether stateside concertgoers might get to see the band as well.

Pinkett Smith has apparently been singing all her life but put her dreams of pop stardom aside when she found success as an actress. In any case, she hasn’t given up her day job. Her next movie is ”Collateral,” the thriller starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, directed by Michael Mann, who directed Pinkett Smith’s husband’s Oscar-nominated performance in ”Ali.”