Everwood and The O.C. head into virgin territory.

By Alynda Wheat
March 05, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

There were no very special episodes of ”Everwood” or ”The O.C.” this February sweeps. Just a couple of teen characters ditching their virginity — which used to be, you know, special. These days? Not so much.

In addition to the jaw-dropping casualness with which the teens divested themselves of the big V, there was a distinct lack of time-tested tele-virgin trauma. Absent were ”Party of Five”’s abortion issues or Buffy’s literal demonization of sex. There wasn’t even a ”Facts of Life” c’mon-Natalie-his-name-is-Snake! moment. Turns out the new teen sex scare is performance anxiety. Call it the ”Was it good for you?” factor. Witness ”The O.C.”’s Seth postcoitus: ”I sucked so bad. I was like a fish flopping around on dry land. I was Nemo, and I just wanted to go home.”

Or ”Everwood,” where Ephram and Madison’s not-so-special moment turned mortifying after his, shall we say, enthusiasm got the better of him. And though Ephram’s dad took a firm line on his son’s late-night creeping, parental reaction on The O.C. was just plain creepy. We figured Seth was in for it when he fell for Pop’s talk-to-me ruse and confessed he’d done the deed. The dirty old man’s response? ”You dog, you!”

Eew. Kind of makes us misty for the days of TV’s most famous (seven seasons!) holdout: ”Beverly Hills, 90210”’s Donna.