Gasp! Fabio's response to the ''Average Joe'' finale. Though the wounded couple claims to be together again, the Italian stallion predicts a future dating problem for Gil

By Liane Bonin
March 04, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST
Fabio: Allstar/Globe Photos

If you shook your head wondering: ”What’s Gil’s damage?” after seeing the finale of ”Average Joe: Hawaii,” you’re not the only one. Even Fabio (whose last name is Lanzoni) was surprised by the Florida construction worker’s decision to dump Larissa Meeks once she revealed that the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spokesman was an ex.

In a phone call from Milan (where the hunk is working on a line of outerwear for Sam’s Club), Fabio kidded with his manager Eric Ashenberg, ‘If this guy is looking to only go out with someone who hasn’t dated me, he’s going to have to start dating men.”

According to Ashenberg, Fabio’s split from Meeks was amicable. ”Fabio thinks she’s a very nice girl and he only wishes her well.”  Which does NOT mean that Fabio’s pining like poor Boston Brian. Noting that his client has moved on romantically, Ashenberg says: ”Let’s just say he’s resilient.” 


He’s not the only one. On Tuesday, Gil and Larissa appeared on the Today Show, holding hands, and claiming that even though the show made it look as if they split up over the Fabio revelation, they actually stayed together. And so ends the most dramatic Italian problem ever.

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